Valvetronic Exhaust Wiring Guide


1. Remove the airbox.

2. Cut supplied silicone hose in half.  Feed silicone hose through holes under light unit trays. Run the right hose through/under the rear lid catch unit to the left-hand side of the engine bay.  Cut 1 x 65cm, & 3 x 5cm length of hose off left silicone pipe.  Fit 1 x 5cm length of silicone hose to a brass Y-piece. Cut the left & right silicone hoses down & attach to the Y-piece & rest on top of the left engine mount.  Remove plug from the solenoid above the alternator. 

3. Remove vacuum straight line directly opposite the solenoid valve plug. Remove the rubber sleeve from the plastic vacuum line. Fit 65cm & 2 x 5cm lengths of silicone hose to supplied brass Y-piece. Fit 5cm hose onto solenoid with the other 5cm hose onto the plastic vacuum pipe. The plastic pipe will move easily in the hose, but this will be fine. Run the 65cm  hose around the back above the alternator, through the inlet manifold & rest the end on top of the left engine mount. 

4. Peel back solenoid plug rubber gator. 

5. Push the supplied red wire (part of the control box loom) through the plug lead gator. Strip plug wire (red) & solder supplied red wire. Cover wire with insulation tape & refit gator.

 6.  Fix an electrical terminal to the black wire & screw down as well as fitting the solenoid to the top of the left engine mount. Fit the 65cm hose end to the solenoid at the plug end.  Fit the 5cm hose attached to the other Y-piece on to the solenoid. Solder the supplied solenoid plug wires(black/white) to the yellow & white wires from the control box plug lead. Plug the white lead into the control box & locate the control box into its permanent position. A good place for this is under the light recess with double sided tape. 

7. Remove old silencers.  Swap mounting brackets over to new silencers. Fit silencers to vehicle. Fit silicone pipe onto valves. Please note when hose fitted, it must not touch or lay on the silencers.  Fit airbox. 

8. Start car & test using supplied remote controls. 



996 997 Valvetronic Installation Instructions v2


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