2 x Porsche 997 Rear Fully Adjustable Tuning Fork Set – 99634104306ADJ-SP

2 x Porsche 997 Rear Fully Adjustable Tuning Fork Set – 99634104306ADJ-SP

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PRODUCT BY:Spyder Performance official logo

•This adjustable tuning fork set will fit all 997 models Rear axle
•Fits left & right
•2 arms per axle
Quantity required: 1 set per axle

In stock


Our fully adjustable tuning fork sets are bearing mounted which improve suspension performance, & allow for improved geometry or 4 wheel alignment adjustment.
Our suspension arms come with a 2 year warranty due the good quality of our products.
These arms will fit rear left & right.

We have various performance products including switchable valvetronic exhaust mufflers, bigger plenums with throttle body, performance air filters, cold air induction kits. polybush arms, etc.

Spyder performance was founded by Porsche technicians & specialists, so please feel free to contact us on 01483 312512 for any advice on Porsche cars, or if you’re looking to gain more performance from your car including ECU remapping which we do in house.
We carry out all upgrades at our sister company (La Rose Porsche – Porsche Specialist Kent 01732 763333) as well as servicing, engine rebuilds, 4 wheel alignments, etc.



Spyder Performance

Parts are compatible with following vehicle(s).

Please compare to your own part number when possible

MakeModelSub-model & Year
MakeModelSub-model & Year
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.6 C2 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.6 C4 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.8 C2S 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.8 C4S 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.6 C2 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.6 C4 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 C2S 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 C4 GTS 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 C4S 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 GTS 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997) Gen1 GT33.6 GT3 2007-2009
Porsche911 (997) Gen2 GT33.8 GT3 2011
Porsche911 (997) Gen2 GT33.8/4.0 GT3 RS 2011
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.6 GT2 2008-2009
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.6 GT2 RS 2011
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.6 Turbo 2007-2009
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo 2010-2013
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo S 2011-2013
Porsche911 (997T2) Gen2 Turbo/GT23.6 GT2 RS 2011
Porsche911 (997T2) Gen2 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo 2010-2013
Porsche911 (997T2) Gen2 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo S 2011-2013
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