Porsche 2 x 996 / 986 / 997 / 987 Eibach Camber Adjustable Lower Suspension Coffin Control arm – 572610K

Porsche 2 x 996 / 986 / 997 / 987 Eibach Camber Adjustable Lower Suspension Coffin Control arm – 572610K

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  • Porsche 996 All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 986 Boxster All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 997 Gen1 All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 997 Gen2 All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 987 Gen1 Boxster All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 987C Gen1 Cayman All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 987 Gen2 Boxster All Models Front & Rear
  • Porsche 987C Gen2 Cayman All Models Front & Rear

Please note that 997 Gen1/2 & 987 Gen1/2 Boxster & Cayman models will need different front tuning forks: 99733104302

Replaces original arms:
: 99634105307, 99634105308, 99634105309, 99634105310, 99634105311, 99634105312, 99634105313, 99634105314, 99634105315, 99634105316, 99634105317, 99634112290, 99634144190, 3602400996, 99634112190, 99634105319, 572610K

Featuring an analogue (no fiddly shims used here) range of additional camber adjustment of ±2°. The camber settings can be simply achieved with the arm pre-fitted to the vehicle and adjusted without the need for any special tools.

These Eibach adjustable lower control arms (pair) replace the standard non-adjustable arms, and allow up to ±2° of camber adjustment over the standard setup. This 2021 design comes with an updated chamfered locking mechanism to prevent any risk of loosening.

Manufactured from forged 6061-T6 aluminium, these arms maintain OE NVH levels with booted ball joints and high durometer bonded rubber bushings. These Eibach arms offer a fully greaseable and rebuildable ball joint, so should you wear out your ball joint race after thousands of miles poundings the kerbs on track, you can get a rebuild kit and avoid the cost of a whole new arm. These arms come with pre-set turning torque, but this can be a adjusted with the inbuilt retainer.

This set can be used for front or rear, so if you want adjustability on all four corners get two sets. Increasing negative camber via extending these lower arms has the benefit of moving the track width out slightly – especially beneficial if used in conjunction with adjustable front top mounts which pull the top of the wheel inwards.

• Rebuildable ball joint is booted and greaseable
• Forged 6061-T6 Aluminium construction for maximized strength at a minimum weight
• OE sized and style bushings can be replaced with any aftermarket bushing option
• Adjusting bolt offers infinite camber settings
• Provision for the ride height sensor of litronic headlight equipped cars




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Eibach is a globally recognized leader in high-performance suspension systems for a wide range of vehicles, from street cars to professional racecars. Founded in 1951 in Germany, Eibach has been at the forefront of suspension technology for over seven decades, delivering exceptional handling, ride quality, and performance to millions of customers worldwide. Eibach’s product line includes coilovers, lowering springs, sway bars, alignment kits, and other suspension components that are designed and engineered to deliver superior performance in all driving conditions. All Eibach products are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technologies and materials, and the company’s commitment to quality and performance is reflected in its numerous racing championships and satisfied customers around the world.





Parts are compatible with following vehicle(s).

Please compare to your own part number when possible

MakeModelSub-model & Year
MakeModelSub-model & Year
Porsche911 (996)3.4 C2 1997-2001
Porsche911 (996)3.4 C4 1997-2001
Porsche911 (996)3.6 C2 2002-2005
Porsche911 (996)3.6 C4 2002-2005
Porsche911 (996)3.6 C4S 2002-2005
Porsche911 (996) GT33.6 GT3 1999-2002
Porsche911 (996) GT33.6 GT3 2003-2005
Porsche911 (996) GT33.6 GT3 RS 2003-2004
Porsche911 (996T) Turbo/GT23.6 GT2 2002-2005
Porsche911 (996T) Turbo/GT23.6 Turbo 2000-2005
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.6 C2 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.6 C4 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.8 C2S 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen1) 2005-20083.8 C4S 2005-2008
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.6 C2 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.6 C4 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 C2S 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 C4 GTS 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 C4S 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997 Gen2) 2009-20123.8 GTS 2009-2012
Porsche911 (997) Gen1 GT33.6 GT3 2007-2009
Porsche911 (997) Gen2 GT33.8 GT3 2011
Porsche911 (997) Gen2 GT33.8/4.0 GT3 RS 2011
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.6 Turbo 2007-2009
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo 2010-2013
Porsche911 (997T) Gen1 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo S 2011-2013
Porsche911 (997T2) Gen2 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo 2010-2013
Porsche911 (997T2) Gen2 Turbo/GT23.8 Turbo S 2011-2013
PorscheBoxster (986)2.5 1997-1999
PorscheBoxster (986)2.7 1999-2002
PorscheBoxster (986)2.7 2003-2004
PorscheBoxster (986)3.2S 1999-2002
PorscheBoxster (986)3.2S 2003-2004
PorscheBoxster (987) Gen12.7 2005-2008
PorscheBoxster (987) Gen13.2S 2005-2006
PorscheBoxster (987) Gen13.4S 2006-2008
PorscheBoxster (987) Gen22.9 2009-2012
PorscheBoxster (987) Gen23.4S 2009-2012
PorscheCayman (987C) Gen12.7 2006-2008
PorscheCayman (987C) Gen13.4S 2005-2008
PorscheCayman (987C) Gen22.9 2009-2012
PorscheCayman (987C) Gen23.4R 2009-2012
PorscheCayman (987C) Gen23.4S 2009-2012
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